• 04.05.2018

The most modern circus of Ukraine “Shekera” will show the audience a unique, the only show in the world “Alazana”

The most modern circus of Ukraine “Shekera” this year will show the audience a unique, world-wide single show “Alazana” and will surprise Ukrainians with incredible monsters and pirate adventures.

“The other day we started an all-Ukrainian tour with the contemporary unique author program” Alazana “. This is not just a program – it’s months of preparation and training, tones of equipment and scenery, only professional artists and the best suits. We act with maximum return. I have worked in 25 countries of the world, I have twenty years of work in the circus and I am sure that Ukrainians are worthy to watch the circus show of the highest quality “, – assured director of the program, laureate of many international festivals Artem Vielkin.

According to director Artem Vielkin, fans of the circus “Shekera” this year, having watched the program “Alazana” will be able to get unforgettable impressions of the journey to the incredible world.

The Alazana program is the latest in the world of circus art. With the help of the latest technology, we realized the dream of “the master of the alternating current” Never Tesla. In an exclusive show, zippers reach 5 meters. The lightning sorcerer passes through his body 100 kilowatts of real live current. The program “Alazana” is an adventure that you will not forget.