• 21.04.2018

Congratulations on International Circus Day!

Who does not capture the spirit of the incredible tricks of gymnasts and acrobats under the dome? Who from the heart did not laugh at sparkling jokes of clowns? And who did not admire the skillful animalstars, who freak out in the arena? Circus art has long united people around the world.
Every third Saturday in April all over the world is celebrated the International Day of Circus.
This date was approved in 2009 on the initiative of the European Circus Association and the World Circus Federation, under the patronage of Princess Monaco Stephanie. The President of the European Circus Association, Urs Pills and Princess Stephanie, invited all circuses to support the initiative of the annual celebration of the International Circus Day, and since then it is a day of preserving traditional traditions, development and improvement.
The first circus numbers were horse stunts, performed by Philippe Astley, and then the gymnasts, jugglers, carpenters, trainers, clowns began to go to the arena.
Today in Ukraine, the circus “Shekera” with dignity supports and develops circus traditions, is an honorary member of the All-Ukrainian Association of Circuses of Ukraine. Today it is one of the best circuses in Ukraine.
“The Shekera Circus uses only the most advanced technologies in the preparation of its programs, they are trying to develop circus arts, creating unique skills and craftsmanship. The circus “Shekera” is currently the only circus, tickets for which programs can be purchased online. This is really a step forward, because Ukrainians deserve to have a good rest “, – said the Head of the All-Ukrainian Association of Circuses of Ukraine, congratulating everyone on the International Circus Day and inviting to enjoy the program of the highest level of skill from the artists of the circus” Shekera “.