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Show beyond the fantasy And you are ready to board the ship, which will capture the real pirates? Ready to see a huge octopus with six-meter tentacles, and then get into the underwater kingdom and get acquainted with its incredible inhabitants? If so, then you go to the circus on the water ``Shekera``.
Only in the new program ``Monsters and Pirates`` you will see how pirates-boatmen will take the ship and send it to the sea depths.
Together with the crew of the pirate schooner, you will meet with magicians and jugglers, see how air gymnasts turn into neon fish, immerse yourself in the magical world of the underwater kingdom.
The audience will have a real underwater fantasy, fire show, incredible zipper Mega Tesla show and neon colored flowers.
Beware, in the program ``Monsters and Pirates`` there is a huge jellyfish with two-meter tentacles-zippers.


unique tricks

``Pirates&Monsters`` is a collection of the highest level performances and circus skills execution.
25 talented artists will make the audience doubt where ends the truth and starts the fiction.


tonns of water and the largest mobile pool

``Pirates&Monsters`` - is a real ocean of emotions, experiences, imagination and ... water.
Artists perform above the water, in the water and under water. Ukraine's largest mobile 10-meter pool, rain, waterfall and fountains dance - a performance that can not be missed.


comfortable seats at the huge big top

Each and every time Shekera Circus opens it's doors to a magical world for at least 700 viewers that can accommodate themselves in comfortable chairs under the big top.
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