• 30.06.2017


On June 30, in the National Circus of Ukraine, the leaders of 9 state circus enterprises and the Kyiv Municipal Academy of Pop and Circus Arts concluded an agreement on cooperation.

The agreement on cooperation aims at further active development of new areas of circus art and the modernization of the circus business in Ukraine and was concluded in pursuance of the Order of the Ministry of Culture “On Approving the Priority Areas of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine for the Development of the Circus Case in Ukraine”.

In particular, the said agreement provides:
– active participation of state enterprises in the preparation of competitive national numbers, rides and programs, organizing tours of Ukrainian artists abroad, the development of the festival movement, support for children’s circus studios, providing opportunities for creativity and rehearsals for the company’s artists in the premises of stationary circuses;
– introduction of a common policy regarding the mechanism of forming a circus conveyor;
– search and introduction of new forms that will become an alternative to the circus conveyor;
– active cooperation with the Kyiv Municipal Academy of Pop and Circus Arts, other educational institutions that train circus artists and directors, attract talented students and graduates to participate in the production of rooms, rides, programs with the opportunity to tour abroad;
– search for extrabudgetary funds, investments for joint creative national projects;
– other joint activities aimed at the development of circus arts.

During the signing of the agreement, the Deputy Ministers of Culture of Ukraine Yuriy Rybachuk and Tamara Mazur emphasized that Ukrainian circus art is a part of the European artistic space with rich traditions, artistic discoveries, unique know-how and authored developments, and special education recognized throughout the world.
Ukrainian circus artists and their numbers constantly become prize-winners of specialized international competitions and festivals.

According to the leadership of the Ministry of Culture, state-owned circus enterprises should make every effort to ensure that national circus arts continue to hold such leading positions.