• 24.10.2017

In Vinnitsa there was a huge elephant

Vinnitsa citizens and guests of the city can feel the heroes of the fable about the elephant, which was taken by the streets of the city. Most recently, in the city really appeared a huge animal, which settled near the dome of the circus “Shekera”.

“We care about the animal and take care of it. The elephant has become a favorite for children and adults and is fondly photographed with everyone who wishes, “- say employees of the circus” Shekera “.

According to eyewitnesses, this is not even an elephant, but a true mammoth, and he does not walk in the streets of the city, because he seems to be very comfortable with the artists of the circus shapito “Shekera”, who also loved the animal and decided to take it to a friendly circus seven ” u

As the editorial staff learned, the circus “Shekera” with the new program “Alazana” came to the city and invites viewers to dip in the incredible world of the lost city!

Ukrainian spectators will be the first to see Alazana miracles in the international tour!

Fantastic heroes promise to transform the arena into the blooming jungle of Alazana and, with the girl-dreamer Gisiel, and the tropical giant, hold the spectators with the most secret trails.

“Among the dancing fountains and waterfalls, and even in the rain, the Egyptian gods and inhabitants of Alazana will open a magic portal to the viewers, allowing them to touch the unknown and the magic. The girl living in the flower, magicians, magicians, playful exotic animals and, of course, clowns are already waiting for the audience in the new program “Alazana” of the circus “Shekera”, – the organizers of the tour say.

The show “ALAZANA” is a fantasy for the whole family. It is incredible to become reality on the arena surrounded by water.

We look forward to meeting you in your city!
Only from October 27 to November 05!

27.10 – 18.00

28.10 – 17.00

29.10-13: 00 and 17.00

03.11 – 18:00

04.11 – 17:00

17.11 – 13:00 and 17:00

Buy tickets on our show You can:

Central courthouse of the circus – in the central park, from 9:00 to 20:00.
Phones for information: +38 (099) 109-19-09; +38 (098) 109-19-09.

You can book and buy tickets on our site – http://www.https://shekera.org/alazana/

Hurry to see yourself, or hear hundreds of times from those who have seen !!!